Australia has many unique trees that are found nowhere else in the world, with many homes boasting beautiful large gum trees and gorgeous yellow wattles. However, no matter how beautiful your trees are, sometimes they can pose a threat to an aspect of your home. It may not be a very nice feeling to have, but eventually, you will probably come to the conclusion that one or two of your trees has to be removed as soon as possible. The quicker you come to that conclusion, the better tree removal will be. Here are three reasons why you might need a tree removal service.

Near A Pool Or Outdoor Living Space

If you have any trees that are within a couple of metres of your pool or an outdoor living area (whether that be a patio or even something like a tennis court), then the roots of that tree can pose problems. Tree roots are undeniably strong and able to tear through concrete and tiles when given enough time. Preventative work is the best measure when it comes to countering tree roots invading your foundations, and tree removal is often the easiest way to comprehensively stop this from becoming a problem again in the future.

Close To A Powerline 

If you notice that one or two trees are quite close to your main power connection, then you have probably seen leaves and branches drop onto the wire itself, and maybe some have even got tangled up in it. This is a clear warning that at any point, a larger branch could fall and cause serious damage and disconnect your home from the electricity grid. It is also a fire risk to have trees that close to a powerline on your property, and while trimming them can be an option, tree removal is safer and easier in the long run.

Dying Tree

Sometimes a tree poses no threat to any of your infrastructure but just a general threat to the landscape and anyone walking through it. Trees do, eventually, die due to a number of causes. If you see the tell-tale signs of a tree not sprouting during spring or losing all of its leaves if it is an evergreen, then you might want an arborist to come and diagnose it. Tree removal is the wisest option for dead trees because they can fall at any time and there is a slight chance you or someone you love could be nearby when it does. They also act as great kindling and with fire season coming up, there is no better time to get these dead trees taken out than right now. 

Reach out to a professional for tree removal services.