You likely have some questions and concerns if you have a tree that needs to be removed. The following can help you better understand the process as well as some of the challenges. 

Removal Reasons

There are many reasons why removal of a tree may be necessary. The most pressing are disease and property damage. A diseased tree doesn't just pose a danger to itself; it can spread the disease to other trees. Plus, it can endanger those below if it begins to drop branches. 

Trees can also cause damage to your property or a neighbour's property. Roots can damage foundations and paving, and branches may scrape against roofs and walls. 

Professional vs. DIY

It may be tempting to attempt a removal on your own. Unfortunately, this can be a dangerous choice. Trees don't always fall in the direction you think they will. The larger the tree, then the more likely that it won't behave as you expect. 

It can also be difficult to safely remove a tree in a small yard. Falling branches can damage buildings below. Further, the trunk usually needs to be brought down in sections to avoid damage. Proper equipment is necessary, as well as training. Fortunately, professionals have both. 

Permission Requirements

Most areas require that you get permission for tree removal from the local council planning office. There are a couple of reasons for this. First, some tree species are protected, so they cannot be removed unless they pose a danger or are dead or dying. 

Second, safety may be an issue. Permission is necessary so that the council can verify that the removal will be done in a safe manner and that all underground utilities will be notified so damage doesn't occur. A professional tree lopper can help you get the necessary permissions, which is another benefit of not attempting DIY removal. 

Disposal Options

Disposal can be a challenge, particularly if you remove the tree yourself. A professional will handle all disposal, with any fees included in your quoted tree removal price. 

You may also be given the option to keep all or part of the tree. Some services will mulch the tree so you can use it in your garden. Others may offer wood splitting services so you can keep all or part of the tree for firewood. If you would like to keep the tree, ask the lopping service to see what options they provide. 

Contact a tree removal service if you have a problem tree on your property.