If you're looking to free up some space in your garden or on your street, one of the most obvious solutions is the removal of an existing tree. Australia's tropical weather leads many homeowners to value the trees present around their property as a source of shade and fresh air. However, it is common for trees to develop damage that may compromise the health of their small ecosystems, or to grow too large to accommodate comfortably. Generally, local arborists can handle your tree removal needs within weeks of booking the service. However, you will have to know the necessary steps to take to protect your home and obtain the required permissions before the removal can be carried out.

You Will Need To Obtain An Authorisation From The Local Council

Australia has taken measures to protect its flora as a response to the dramatic local deforestation crisis, and its contribution to global warming. These measures form a Tree Preservation Order, which prevents individuals from cutting down trees of established benefit to the community at large. You will need to download your local council TPO and check whether you are entitled to remove the tree.  

Generally, trees under 5 meters high, within 3 meters of the foundations of your home, can be removed without council approval. If the tree you need to have removed does not qualify, you will need to fill up the application form, pay required application fees, and file the application to your local council. You will receive a visit from a local officer within two weeks and an official response soon after. Once your application has been approved, you can confirm your tree-removal service booking.

Preparing The Premises For The Tree Removal Will Prevent Major Disruption

Tree removalists are likely to come to your home to remove your required tree with a lot of equipment. You will need to make parking space for the tree removal service vehicles, which can take up a whole driveway. You will need to be prepared to accommodate a large truck and a wood chipper.

You should also create a clear route for the arborists to use as they go back and forth between their vehicles and the tree. Keep in mind that they will be hauling large amounts of wood and heavy equipment, therefore the wider the space, the better. You may want to inform your neighbours about your upcoming tree removal in advance to work out a space-clearing arrangement comfortable for you both.

A Concluding Word

To plan your tree removal efficiently, you will need to first head over to your local council's website and read through the TPO (Tree Preservation Order). Obtain an authorisation if necessary, and make sure to prepare your home for the upcoming removal. Remember that avoiding disruption requires foresight. Therefore, it may be best to plan a consultation visit with your tree removal company ahead of the removal.