Cutting down a tree (professionally known as tree felling) might seem like one of the most basic tasks you could undertake in the garden, but the reality of the situation is much different. Trees are unpredictable structures that often do not behave how you hope they will. The only way you can be assured that they will do what you want when you cut them down is by eliminating all other options for the tree to take. This preparatory phase, along with all the special tools and equipment, is why tree felling services are still in high demand. 

Trees Can Kill

Being a tree logger is still consistently rated as one of the most dangerous jobs in the developed world. Even for professionals, sometimes tree felling will go wrong and equipment will fail. That should tell you all you need to know about how seriously you, as an amateur, should be taking this job. The last thing anyone wants is for someone in their family to get injured when you are just trying to tidy up your garden. While the risks are significantly lower in residential settings as opposed to commercial logging, people still have been killed by accidentally cutting down trees in their own backyard. It is simply not worth the risks because when things go wrong, they can be fatal.


If you have never done any renovations or construction work on your own, you might not realise that most councils require you to apply for nearly every adjustment to the landscape of your property. This includes tree removals. Tree felling services are professionals at not just removing the trees that get in your way but also at getting the permissions for you to actually get rid of the trees at all. Without a helping hand of someone with years of experience, these applications can be very confusing and take longer than is necessary. 


Even if you know all the safety precautions to take and somehow have all the proper equipment to safely remove your tree, you will still be at a huge disadvantage compared to a tree felling service when it comes to speed. Having all the gear is one thing, but setting it up correctly and following the correct removal procedures can take hours if not days if you are unfamiliar with them. Most tree felling services can get rid of trees in short order and be gone the same day. If you want your tree gone as soon as possible, professional tree felling may be the best option.