Did you know that 1 in 8 bird species around the world is in danger of becoming extinct? As such, Australians should do all they can to preserve native Australian birds. In Australia, birds begin to build nests and breed in August. The breeding season won't end until November. This means that you should take care when trimming your trees during this period.

Before you hire an arborist or tree trimmer, you should ensure that you don't disturb nesting birds. Fortunately, there are several ways that you can ensure you don't hurt local birds or their chicks when trimming your trees.

Trim Your Trees in Winter or Very Early Spring

In general, it is best to trim your trees in winter or early spring before your trees sprout new growth. Trimming your trees at this time will also ensure that you avoid hurting any nesting birds. However, if you do choose to trim your trees later than this, make sure you take the following precautions first.

Check the Ground for Bird Droppings

The first thing you should do is check the ground beneath the tree you plan to have trimmed. Obviously, if you find that the ground has more bird droppings in one particular area, this could be a sign that birds are nesting somewhere above the droppings.

Look Out for Angry Birds

When a human or animal disturbs a pair of nesting birds, those birds will usually make their presence known to the intruder. Be on the lookout for squawking birds leaping from branch to branch or swooping from the upper branches as you walk under the tree's canopy.

Watch the Area for Nesting Activity

If you suspect that there is a nest somewhere in the branches above but you cannot see through the foliage, hang back and observe. Is a pair of birds from the same species going to and from the tree with branches or insects in their beaks? If so, it is highly likely that your tree has a pair of breeding birds in it.

Inform Your Arborist or Tree Trimmer of Your Concerns

If you are unable to confirm if your tree has breeding birds in it or not, then you should inform the arborist or tree trimmer that you hire of your concerns. An experienced tree specialist will be able to better confirm if there are nesting birds in your tree.

In the case that there are already birds nesting in your tree, consider waiting until summer to trim your trees. Fortunately, trimming some tree species during summer is beneficial.

For more information on tree trimming, contact a tree trimmer.