Are you thinking about planting a new tree or two in your yard? Then you should seriously consider hiring an arborist before you select and plant your tree. A new tree can offer your property a host of benefits. It'll keep you cool in the summer heat, serve as a focal point for your garden, increase the value of your property and attract birds to your yard — but only if you plant it correctly.

One mistake could cost you your tree and force you to start all over again. That's why going it alone if you have little experience with tree management is inadvisable. However, if you hire an arborist to assist you in the early stages, you can benefit in a number of ways.

Appropriate Tree Selection is Important

You need to know what your baby tree is going to mature into before you plant it in your yard. How tall will it get? Will its root system invade your home's plumbing system? Will it become a target for aphids, which can leak honeydew all over your car, decking or roof?

Only a qualified arborist can answer these questions with confidence.

Correct Placement Is Essential

It might seem simple to purchase a tree from a nursery and stick it in the ground, but if you underestimate your little tree's growth pattern, you may have big problems down the road. An arborist can help you select the ideal planting location for your tree based on your unique needs.

Young trees don't fare well when uprooted to be replanted elsewhere. That's why you need to get your planting location right the first time. An arborist can help with this.

Timely Planting is Crucial to a Young Tree's Survival

Did you know that you can plant Australian trees at any time of the year? What if you decide to opt for a European tree species or a North American species? If you want to give your young tree the best chance of survival, you need to plant it at the right time. With the experience of a reputable arborist at your service, you will be able to plan your planting time based on your chosen species.

Professional Tree Care Makes for a Better Tree

With an arborist to guide you, you can give your young tree the kind of care it needs to grow into a strong and attractive specimen that gives you decades of joy. For example, an arborist will help you avoid the planting mistakes that can weaken your tree's root system. A weakened root system could turn your tree into a deadly hazard during storms.

Before you select and plant new trees in your yard, consider hiring an arborist. With their help, your tree will mature into everything you hope for and more.